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Skin Aging and Wrinkle

   Our body skin is fine, thin and firm layer as the first line of

body's defence against environmental factors. A healthy skin shows a natural beauty in color, brightness, elasticity and smoothness. However, a variety of factors, such as free radicals, lights, and pollutants, shrink the cells that give our skin shape and hold it firm. The effects of damaging factors are cumulative. Over time, our skin loses its ability to hold its shape, moist and firmness with the oxidation of collagen. The sad result is wrinkles, a signal of aging while aging is usually understood as the reduction in reproductive capacity. Unfortunately, no one is able to stop the skin aging process, getting wrinkle. Fortunately, the skin aging is possible to be delayed.


Skin Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle

    There are many options available to achieve this, including cosmetic surgery and medical treatments. However, all produce a temporary, very unnatural looking. Not to mention, all are costly and require special care for as long as you want to last. When the free radicals develop from the natural oxidation process of your body inside, it stimulates the aging growing up on appearance with wrinkles. The production of free radicals is liable to interact dangerously with DNA and skin cells. The body has mechanisms to fight free radicals, but they're very, very far from  perfect. Free radicals have been associated strongly with the damage of collagen or many aging effects.

    The healthy foods nourish inner body system through eating, but it is a long process to complete internal nutrition and takes much longer period to feed skin. Now scientist found the most popular and most cost efficient solution is to introduce antioxidants into skincare products against free radicals for natural anti aging and anti wrinkle. There are hundreds of heavily advertised creams, and serums for choice. Looking for safe and effective skincare products, your knowledge in the principle of skin care and the functions of ingredients is very helpful to find right skincare positively,  instead of  the prices, luxury package, perfume smell or the popularity on advertisement.

AuRas  Skincare Prospect

    Our R & D works closely with customers for a better understanding, to design new products under the demands of marketing or to commercialize products for specific request. Therefore, we can get a lot of valuable feedback, comments and suggestion. It is great helpful to stimulate us to pioneer new oxidants and to update our products when new and improved ingredients hit the market to meet customers’ needs worldwide.

    The overall framework of AuRas Skincare products is expressed in the slogan," Anti Aging, Natural Beauty and Health ." Therefore, the antioxidants are able to fight free radiates and the nutrients work for the improvement of skin texture in moist, softness, smoothness and elasticity. There are hundreds ingredients for cosmetics. However, too many active ingredients may interact; causing irritation and can make a product fail to work properly. Our R&D decides to select several active and powerful ingredients for a good cooperation. One ingredient can be used for several products with varied concentrations for different strength. It also is a way for saving.

    We consider the customers' benefits as our first importance. We are always looking for ways to minimize the expense through all of process, keeping our prices low & competitive...our packaging is pretty but simple. Therefore, our low prices do not represent the cheap or poor qualities. In addition, we ensure to formulate our products with absolute highest quality, but also to manufacture fresh batches for top quality.

    Referring the unique mechanisms of ingredients to skin aging and care, the active ingredients are delicately selected by considering many factors, such as purity, safety and efficiency. All of ingredients are qualified for cosmetic industries in purity at least and must not have by-side affection to skin. For instance, Kojic acid is selected as whitening agent instead of hydroquinone; the ascorbic acid with a simple molecular structure is used for AuRas vitamin C skincare rather than the Ascorbyl Palmitate with large polymerized molecule, that is stable but lack of activity.

    Our scientists have never been satisfactory with our current achievement and will continue to provide a better service with first class products for beauty skincare of natural anti aging and nourishment.  We are seeking more  antioxidants and nutrients, formulating new products, applying from normal skin to other types; caring from skin replenishment to skin wash and tone; expending from skin nutrition, anti aging to aging smart. AuRas Anti Aging Skincare Series expanding while our service target is unshakable for ever.

Finding an effective antiaging skin care product can be difficult. With New Image Specialists, you can find skin care product reviews to help you choose the right antiaging treatment for your skin. Along with a medspa near you that will help you begin your wrinkle free skin.

AuRas Optimum Skincare for Natural Beauty

AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
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