AuRas Facial Cleansers (3 in 1)

AuRas Refreshing Face Cleanser (3 in 1)

AuRas  Dead-sea Mud Face Cleanser (3 in 1)

The Key of Face Cleansers

    In general, we have face washing twice daily in the morning and before sleeping at night. However, how much do you know why a good face wash is important; what you need to do while what you don't need to do with washing; what kinds of face cleansers are good to use for your skin?

   No matter how effective a cream you may be using to fight the ravages of ageing, you need to get your skin clean in order to optimize the quality of your skin. Although many people do not use make-up on their skin, environmental pollutants find a ready resting place on the skin when combined with the normal sebum secretion of the skin.

   Beauty consultants might recommend a facial treatment cleanse, tone and moisturize but the key is the oil-free cleanser lathers away dirt, makeup and oil while doesn't leave skin so dry.

    First, use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser to avoid irritating the skin. Experts' picks for efficient, mild or deep cleansing like AuRas Facial Cleansers. Secondly, a toner's role is to remove oily residue and provide a fresh feeling; it does nothing to firm the skin long-term. The last  is you should use a moisturizer. For dry-skin sufferers, a moisturizer can soothe and protect the test is whether your skin feels too tight. Nowadays, some face cleansers introduce the effective moisturizers, maintaining the skin moist after washing, just as AuRas Facial Cleansers do.

   A good face wash will leave your skin clean and refreshed, but without stripping the skin's natural protection, nor upsetting the acid balance (acid mantle) of the skin. A strong face wash that is too harsh can strip and irritate the skin, leaving it prone to infections and irritation, whilst hastening the ageing effect.

    AuRas Facial Cleansers are designed to have two types of face cleansers for different applications. One is Refreshing Face Cleanser and another one is Dead-sea Mud Face Cleanser.

    Both cleansers are the unique and complex formulas of the Rejuvenating and Normalizing Face Wash with a perfect balance of active ingredients to clear the skin of dead skin and to promote a healthy complexion without any irritation. They are created as nourishing face wash to lubricate and moisturize face skin, getting face skin soft and smooth. They are delicately formulated to possess the 3 functions: skin washing, moisturizing and firming during simple washing action.

    The two kinds of  AuRas Facial Cleansers have different characters and functions, but they can be used alternatively. The Refreshing Face Cleanser is mildly used for daily; the Dead-sea Mud Face Cleanser. is a deep cleanser, so its use depends on your skin type: the dry skin uses less than the oily skin.

    The benefits in the use of  AuRas Facial Cleansers are not only because the innovated face wash brings you a fresh looking, but also because they are economical that you only use a small amount, lather and rinsed off.

    This green-gel face wash is designed as mild cleansing to be perfect for everyday use and is suitable for every skin type for both of face and body skin,  washing twice a day or more times without any irritation as it purifies and balances the skin. It comforts all types of skins at any ages (except babies) due to its rich moisturizer and good pH balance.

    Firstly, this wash removes dead skin cells that clog pores, impede moisture and make skin look dull. Secondly, this wash helps to smooth out rough textures. Thirdly, this wash moisturizes skin. The whole process, combining cleaning, exfoliation and hydration into one-step, called as 3-in-1.

    After washing, it must be perfect to nourish your face for a youthful looking if your face skin is continually feed by other AuRas Skincare products to care of your eye, face and neck skin daytime and overnight.

Refreshing Face Cleanser:

Direction for use:

    It is made up mainly by brown dead sea powder from Jordan. This unique salt lake was known throughout the ancient world for its remarkable properties. In history, the beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used Dead Sea formulations in her beauty regimen. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra built cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories in the area to benefit from the Dead Sea's mineral-rich black mud, known for enhancing beauty and offering relief from psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin conditions.

   The super fine dead-sea powder is highly enriched with 26 minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron that are essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. The rich minerals in the powder smooth on your face skin; it enhances and protects your skin, keeping it young looking; it removes excess oil and dead cells from the skin surface.

    AuRas  is uniquely formulated by 70% of original dead-sea powder and 10% of natural moisturizers. Therefore, this special Dead Sea Creation Facial Cleanser effortlessly washes away dirt, impurities and makeup, leaving skin thoroughly clean, and nourishes your face with Dead Sea Minerals. Its natural moisturizers such as Aloe Vera leave skin refreshed and hydrated.

   In order to strength the cleaning function, this face cleanser is designed to maintain the part of fine powder for comfort scratching while the remaining fine powder can become finer in your need by smashing under your palm. This natural deep cleansing action refreshes and revives your skin and finally restores your skin's pH balance to its optimal state.  Therefore, it has more efficiency with skin wash than any of general face cleansers as an ideal cleanser: deep, irritation-free and 3 in one.

Dead-sea Mud Face Cleanser:

  • Catalogue:                          NS-DCM30 (click it for price)

  • Package:                             35g

  • Container:                            Jar

  • Skin type:                             All

  • Active ingredients:  


    • Nutrients:                  Dead-sea powder; Aloe Vera gel; Canola oil; Olive oil

Direction for use:

  • Dampen face and neck.

  • Place a small amount of mud cleanser by tips of fingers on your palm

  • Gently smash the mud cleanser on your palm if you need, or directly go to the next step without pre-smash on your palm

  • Massage into entire face (including the eye area) and neck using small circular movements

  • (caution: avoid the mud into eyes and mouth; do not use on irritated skin.)

  • Leave it on your face for a few of minutes for a relaxation

  • Rinse the mud with more warm water

  • Repeat massage on your face and neck, then wash it off

  • Dry face skin

  • Finish off by applying the appropriate AuRas moisturizer; skin-lightening; eye cream; day cream or night cream

  • Apply around 3-4 times per week for your skin face washing

  •                      washing times weekly:     1     -    2    -     3      -     4     -     5     -     6

                         Skin type:                        Dry                 Normal                  Oily


I did not want to look at my face with a lot of pimple. However, I was so surprised when the ugly ache was fading gradually during using your Dead-sea Mud for face cleaning daily. I could not help me to tell the truth to my friends since they noticed my face skin had big change. I recommended them about your mud cleanser also shared my secret with them. If the pimple could flow ichors when pressing, your mud could dry the liquid after leaving on the pimple over night. Now my friends also get big benefits from your mud cleanser. You can try it too if you have the same problem with the pimple. By now, I use your Refreshing Face Cleanser daily and only use the mud cleanser once a week. It is good enough to stop the pimple and keep my face skin smooth. My husband also likes your face cleanser for soft and smooth face skin. - Sheryl, Toronto -

AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Dead Sea Face Cleanser

AuRas Dead Sea face Cleanser
AuRas Refreshing Face Cleanser

AuRas Refreshing Face Cleanser

Dead-sea Mud Face Cleanser

AuRas Dead-sea Mud Face Cleanser

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