AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

    HPH ChemSpeciality sells AuRas Anti Aging Skincare Products with high-quality. We do not provide the service for the supervision of a Physician or Esthetician; therefore, the consumers need to take care of yourself when applying the products to their own skin without the supervision of a skin care professional.

    Purchase of a product constitutes agreement that HPH is released from any claims, implied or stated that you have or may have in the future in connection with any products, regardless of results. Prior to purchasing a product, you fully understand that you require some basic knowledge to find if the products are suitable for use.

   The information provided by  HPH ChemSpeciality  in is intended as general information for reference only and not to be used as medical advice, a treatment plan recommendation, product recommendation, or management of any disease.

    The information provided should not be used in place of a physician or other qualified health provider. In addition, medical information is constantly changing as research continues, and HPH ChemSpeciality makes no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied, regarding the completeness, accuracy, or currency of this information, nor its suitability for any particular purpose. Please consult your health care provider immediately if you need medical attention.

    Used as directed, HPH ChemSpeciality and other products are safe and effective. However, because everyone's skin differs, no guarantee is made or implied as to precise results for any of our products. HPH ChemSpeciality advises a patch test before using any of our products to determine possible sensitivity to a product or ingredient.

HPH ChemSpeciality further assumes no responsibility or liability for misuse of a product or for any consequences or injuries as a result of using a product.

    In purchasing any product, and/or availing yourself of any information contained in this website, you agree that HPH ChemSpeciality shall not be liable to you for any loss or injury caused in whole or part by either negligence or contingencies beyond its control, or for any reason. In no event will HPH ChemSpeciality or the contributors of information to its website be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in the purchase and use of any product or the reliance on information contained in this website, or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
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