AuRas Wrinkle-defending Day Cream

    When you are young, it is easy to forget that with each passing day your skin is aging, and even if you still have that dewy young looking skin, you need to look after it to prevent the onslaught of age and environmental factors, which age your skin. All facial skin, even younger skin with no signs of aging, needs protection from our harsh environment, and the skin must be kept well hydrated and moisturized, and in so doing preventing the onset of wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging. For this reason, everyone should consider a good skincare regimen - whether you are male or female above 30 yeas old.

    AuRas Wrinkle-defending Day Cream is well designed to care and protect the skin beauty against the environmental irritation and the sunlight daily. It applies vitamin c & e, powerful antioxidants, to fight and negate the skin damage done by free radicals; it contains rich moisturizers and multi-nutrients to prevent dermal moisture loss and to help moisture and hydration. All of ingredients are optimized to be active, efficient and optimum for skin functions.

    Beside, it is delicately formulated to be easily spread and smoothly absorbed into skin.  It is beneficial for all skin types including delicate or sensitive skin. The fine wrinkle on face can be gradually faded and the delicate and smooth skin can be visible after using AuRas Wrinkle-defending Day Cream for two weeks because it is able to:

AuRas Wrinkle-defending Day Cream:

Direction for use:


I would like to share my interesting experience after using your day cream. I work for chemicals, so I wash my face and then use facial cream after working daily. I felt comfortable with my face skin after use. My wife surprised to notice that my face looked smoother and younger at the 2nd week in use. Since then, she started to use your day cream. Now my wife and I become an alive ad of your skincare products when meeting our friends, who also want to use your facial creams, getting less fine wrinkle with the youthful bright inside of facial skin.- Leby & Tessie, Toronto -


"The AuRas Wrinkle-defying Day Cream is very popular at my salon because it is proved the most powerful for skin moisturizer by the measurement of our moist instrument where your day cream makes the moist level jumping from low up to high moist level while other creams only can raise the moist to the normal levels. In addition, our customers have the obvious change on their face after use that their facial skin shows youthful bright inside and the fine wrinkle also weakens unconsciously in 2 -3 weeks after use." - Paty, Hamilton -

"My skin is very dry, so I need to use face cream for three times a day. I feel my face becomes soft and smooth, and I only need to use your AuRas Wrinkle-defying Day Cream once a day. I appreciate your cream very much because it comforts my face skin and brings me a healthy looking. You should let more people enjoy the benefits as I get from your AuRas Wrinkle-defying Day Cream. - Caroline, Paris -

AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

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AuRas Wrinkle-defenbding Day Cream
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
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     Daytime - the Onslaught of Age and Environmental Factors to Skin.

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